Credit Balances and Refunds

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Student Refunds

Students may be eligible for a refund of financial aid, loan credits, or payments that exceed the charges on their student account. The majority of student refunds are generated by Federal, Private, and Institutional Student Loans. However, refunds may also result from other account transactions such as adjustments to financial aid, tuition, fees, and room and board. Refunds are released on or after the first day of classes. Please note, it can take up to 14 days for the refund to be processed. Students will receive their refund either by direct deposit or paper check. We highly encourage students to sign up for direct deposit in order to receive refunds in a much faster pace!

Direct Deposit for Student Refunds

The University offers a secure direct deposit service through which students can have their refunds deposited directly to the checking or savings account of their choice. This service enables quicker access to funds rather than waiting for a check to arrive through the mail.

Students may sign up for direct deposit of their student refund checks online via CaneLink, the University’s student portal. For the step by step direct deposit instructions manual, click here.

Note: Only U.S. bank accounts can be used for this service.

Paper Check for Student Refunds

Students who have not signed up for direct deposit will have their refund checks mailed to their current address on file. It is important students keep a current active address on file. If a valid address is not in the student system, the refund check can become lost or returned by the mail carrier and a refund could not be processed.