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Students may be eligible for a refund of financial aid, loan credits, or payments that exceed the charges on their student account. A refund may also result from other account transactions such as adjustments to financial aid, tuition, fees, and room and board. Students can receive refunds either by direct deposit or paper checks. 

*The Office of Student Accounts does not provide cash advancements to students.

Direct Deposit for Student Refunds

Students have the option to sign up for direct deposit to receive their student refunds to an authorized savings/checking account of their choice.

Benefits for enrolling for direct deposit include:

  • Fastest and most secured method to receive your student refunds,
  • Funds are deposited into the bank account selected eliminating check mailing wait time. 

To enroll, visit the "Financials" menu in CaneLink, then select the "Direct Deposit/Bank Account" option. For instructions, click here

Note: Only U.S. bank accounts can be added in CaneLink for this service.

Paper Check for Student Refunds

Students who have not signed up for direct deposit will have their refund checks mailed to their current address listed in CaneLink

Mailed checks can take 5-7 business days to be delivered due to mailing wait time.

Student Refund Check Cancellation Request

Submit this online form to cancel your student refund check:

Student Refund Check Cancellation Form

Important Reminders:

  • Ensure that your refund check was issued at least two weeks ago prior submitting the request.
  • If you receive your refund check after submitting this request, please do not attempt to cash it.
  • For multiple check cancellation requests, a form per each check must be submitted.
  • Make sure your local and/or permanent addresses in CaneLink are up to date.
  • To expedite future refunds, enroll for direct deposit via CaneLink.

Note: Once the refund check is cancelled, the excess that created the refund will result in a credit to the student account, which may be applied to any unpaid balances, if eligible.

Student Account Over-Payments

All payments should be limited to educational expenses billed to the student's account. Incoming payments that exceed the balance due will be handled as follows:

  • Wire transfer overpayments received by the University will be returned to the originating bank account and not refunded to the student.
  • Check payments (including personal and 529 private plan) will be reviewed and mailed to the return address.

Note: Funds intended to cover personal and living expenses not billed to the student's account must be sent directly to the student, not to the University of Miami.