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Students may request billing to a Third Party Sponsor for mandatory tuition and fees. A “Third Party Sponsor” refers to any organization that formalizes a contract with the University and provides a financial guarantee letter assuming financial responsibility for the sponsored student(s) tuition and fees, in full or portion thereof.  If a direct invoice is not required your organization does not need to be set up for third party billing. In order to initiate the billing process, the Third Party Sponsor must establish an association between sponsor and student by contacting the University Of Miami Third Party Student Accounts.

Any authorization document from the sponsor (i.e. financial letter, student roster, letter agreement, contract or certification) must be emailed to thirdparty.osas@miami.edu listing the following information:

  • Sponsored students’ legal name and corresponding university identification number(s)
  • Eligible charges to be covered (ex: tuition, mandatory fees)
  • Duration of time that fees will be covered

For organizations that provide sponsorship per term, the authorization document must be submitted at least 60 days prior to the term payment deadline. For organizations that provide authorization documents by academic year, the document must be submitted 60 days prior to the payment deadline of the first term of the student’s enrollment. If the sponsor wishes to withdraw sponsorship of the student(s), notice must be sent to University of Miami.

Sponsored students are credited with a “transfer to third party” deferment before payment is received. This deferment does not mean the University has received payment from the Third Party Sponsor; rather, it serves as a deferment of the balance owed. The sponsor is invoiced for the balance during the billing period which occurs after the add/drop dates each semester. This provides sponsored students the opportunity to finalize their coursework before invoices are submitted to their sponsors, which are sent to the sponsor’s preferred method of delivery.


Payments are due no later than the end of the term*:

Fall 2023 term deadline: December 13, 2023

Spring 2024 term deadline: May 8, 2024

Payment methods include paper checks and wire payments. Sponsors must provide the sponsored student(s) name and ID with each payment submitted.

*If sponsor does not pay by the deadline, deferments will not be processed for future terms until payment is received. 

Delinquency & Collections

In any sponsor-student billing arrangement, the student is ultimately held responsible for payment of campus charges. If payment is not received by the term deadline, the student is liable for all fees allotted to the sponsor. If neither student nor the sponsor remits payment, the student’s account will be subject to a financial hold which will impact future registration and may result in collections activity.